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Your sports performance specialist trainer with expertise in strength and conditioning and mental development. Ricky also specializes in corrective posture exercises and athletic recovery and return to play.


RICKY is a highly-regarded Athletic & Mental Performance coach, with over a decade of experience in human performance. He has extensive experience training top-level athletes, representing collegiate programs like the University of Missouri, University of Tulsa, Lululemon Train, NBA and NFL professionals, gymnastics and dance professionals, and countless Division 1 collegiate athletes and All-American high school athletes.


Ricky's practical applied experience has taught him that true athletic performance goes beyond barbells, sets, and reps. Training should encompass and address both the individual's occupational needs and it should be an opportunity to build the total person. That's why his programming includes comprehensive body and mind training that simulates and prepares him or her for the demands the athlete faces in the real world - whether the court, the field, the home, or the job.

Ricky is known especially for his creativity in developing safe and efficient modalities to help individuals enhance athletic and mental performance. Through evaluation, athletes are exposed to contrasting forces that increase overall strength and help them control load. The goal is to mitigate the occurrence of injury and allow his athletes to perform efficiently in their sport and in their daily life.



Ricky served as Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the University of Tulsa basketball program in 2014 before taking on personal clients. In college, he played in the 2012 Big 12 Tournament Championship, three NCAA Tournaments, and one NIT postseason tournament.

A native of Burlington, North Carolina, Ricky played basketball for 3 years at Winston-Salem State. He was part of the first basketball recruiting class to play at the Division I level at WSSU.


Bolton graduated from Winston-Salem State in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in sport management. He earned his Master’s in counseling psychology and positive coaching from Missouri in 2014.

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